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Music, marketing, and the roots of social media

In 1995, Glenn Rubenstein started the band Headboard, which recorded and toured up until 2002.

Glenn Rubenstein was the alt. rock-pop-rap group's front-man and main songwriter, and the band was one of the first to find success through the then-emerging MP3 format, due in part to its grass-roots approach to its online marketing efforts.

Touring primarily on the West Coast, the band performed hundreds of shows, ultimately leading to a spot on the USA Network launch of the television series Farmclub.

The band was the first independent act chosen by Universal Music Group to take part in the series. Glenn Rubenstein and Headboard's appearance on Universal's Farmclub included an interview by former MTV VJ Matt Pinfield, along with a live performance on a bill with Dr. Dre, Eminem, and 98 Degrees.

In 2000, the band was also chosen as the winner of's $250,000 contest for a demo deal.

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