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Experience as a new media consultant

Over the years, Glenn Rubenstein has also done an extensive amount of work as a consultant. At the age of 16, he appeared as an Expert Witness in Federal Court to testify on behalf of Lewis Galoob Toys in their legal defense against Nintendo of America over Galoob's interactive Game Genie video game enhancer.

He has since served as a consultant to the public relations firm Ketchum Communications and the advertising agencies Leagas-Delaney and more recently, Buder-Engel.

In the fall of 2007, through the marketing agencies Dentsu and Driver Media, Glenn Rubenstein worked on Canon USA's viral video campaign for the HG10, Canon's high-definition (AVCHD), hard-drive based consumer camcorder.

Glenn Rubenstein teamed with Chad Vader's Matt Sloan & Aaron Yonda, and Gary "Numa-Numa" Brolsma, to produce an original viral video that was conceived, shot, and edited within a time-limit of three days.

In November of 2007, the finished video was released online in a head-to-head, "viral video battle" against an effort produced by a team consisting of Barats & Bereta, Ricky "Lazy Dork" Stern, and Obama Girl writer Ben Relles. As part of Glenn Rubenstein's involvement with Canon's Battle of the Viral Video Superstars, he also appeared in online promotional videos and an accompanying "behind the scenes" documentary, which showed both teams conceiving and producing their videos.

Cassie Is Lying video by Glenn Rubenstein
They Are Watching video by Glenn Rubenstein
Aly Zarin video by Glenn Rubenstein
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