Lonelygirl15 writer-director Glenn Rubenstein
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Developing the interactive video series format

Shortly after OpAphid's launch, Glenn Rubenstein was contacted by the creators of LonelyGirl15, who were fans of his series and wanted to collaborate on a crossover between the two.

This quickly led to Rubenstein writing scripts and storylines for LonelyGirl15, as well as creating interactive elements for the series, which had previously only existed as a straightforward narrative.

Soon he was also directing and editing videos for LonelyGirl15. As a Lonelygirl15 writer-director, Glenn Rubenstein was responsible for many videos, including the fan favorite "The Human Ransom."

His role was then expanded to series Story Editor. In that capacity, he was responsible for creating new characters and story arcs, allowing him to further develop the format of an interactive video series and expand upon his earlier innovation with OpAphid.

Lonelygirl15 writer Glenn Rubenstein at the Human Ransom video shootLonelygirl15 writer Glenn Rubenstein helped develop the show's interactive format through videos he wrote and directed for the series (including The Human Ransom, pictured here). Glenn Rubenstein also created the Lonelygirl15 characters Sarah, Taylor, and Alex.
The Human Ransom video by Lonelygirl15 writer-director Glenn Rubenstein
How Dumb Am I video by Glenn Rubenstein
Lonelygirl15 Interrogation 101 video by Glenn Rubenstein
Bree's Gone by Lonelygirl15 writer Glenn Rubenstein
Lonelygirl15 Drinking Problems video by Glenn Rubenstein
Hiding In The Bathroom video by Lonelygirl15 writer-director Glenn Rubenstein
Miss Me video by Glenn Rubenstein