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Creator of REDEARTH88 and OpAphid, Lonelygirl15 Writer-Director, Headboard front-man, Journalist and Consultant

Glenn Rubenstein is the creator of original video series REDEARTH88 and the interactive series OpAphid.

A former Lonelygirl15 writer and director, Glenn Rubenstein is also known for his music with the band Headboard.

Previously, Glenn has written for the San Francisco Examiner, Wired Magazine, GameSpot, and CNET. Rubenstein has also appeared on TechTV, G4, and MSNBC.

The Human Ransom-Lonelygirl15 writer-director Glenn Rubenstein. Bree: Jessica Rose, Jonas: Jackson
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Lonelygirl15 Interrogation 101 video by Glenn Rubenstein
Lonelygirl15 For the Ladies video by Glenn Rubenstein
Miss Me video by Glenn Rubenstein
15 over 15 - REDEARTH88 Visual FX by Glenn Rubenstein - This effects-heavy video makes use of vi...
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